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Oral Presentations

The abstracts can be found in the programme book.

Day 1 - Monday

Verification of high impact weather and extremes

User-oriented verification and estimation of forecast value

Day 2 - Tuesday

Meta-verification, properties of verification methods

Methods for verification of probability and ensemble forecast

  • Wahl, Sabrina et al.: Ensemble verification: Old scores, new perspectives (PROB ENS-1)
  • Keller, Jan and Wahl, Sabrina: Increasing the usability of analysis rank histograms (PROB ENS-2)
  • Johansson, Åke: Another look at spread and skill (PROB_ENS_3)
  • Zhu, Yuejian et al.: The development of probabilistic forecast verification across the scales (PROB ENS-4)
  • Schwartz, Craig and Sobash, Ryan: Generating and verifying probabilistic forecasts from convection-allowing ensembles using neighborhood approaches: A review and recommendations (PROB ENS-5)
  • Mittermaier, Marion: Benefit of an ensemble over a deterministic forecast at km-scale (PROB ENS-6)
  • Geer, Alan: The difficulty of verifying small improvements in forecast quality (OPS SOFT-1)
  • Weatherhead, Elizabeth et al.: Methods for Identifying Small Improvements in Forecasts (OPS SOFT-2)

Day 3 - Wednesday

Spatial verification methods and verification approaches

Observation uncertainty

Student projects

The student projects can be found at the tutorial talks.

Day 4 - Thursday


  • Key-note - Rust, Henning: Drift in Decadal Predictions -- A particular challenge for Verification (CLIM-1)
  • Kadow, Christopher et al.: Freva - Freie Univ Evaluation System Framework for Scientific Infrastructures in Earth System Modeling (CLIM-2)
  • Bellprat, Omar et al.: Joint uncertainty assessment of models and observations in verification of climate predictions. (CLIM-3)
  • Ammann, Caspar et al.: Useful evaluations of variability and change in simulated climate for impact studies (CLIM-4)

Sub-seasonal to seasonal