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Call for papers

Call for papers for special issue on "Recent progress in
forecast verification methods"

We invite you to submit a paper for a SPECIAL ISSUE on "Recent progress in
forecast verification methods", which will appear in the full Open
Access journal "Meteorologische Zeitschrift" (MetZet). All contributions from
participants of the 7th International Verification Methods Workshop (7IVMW) are welcome.

All 7IVMW papers will be made available online immediately after
acceptance and are therefore immediately citeable by their DOI. The
special issue will be built virtually later by combining all related
papers into a single special issue. The special issue will be available
both as a dedicated website and in print.

Please submit your paper on any of the 7IVMW key topics:
- verification of high impact weather and extremes
- properties of verification methods
- use of alternative observations
- observation uncertainty
- verification methods for data sparse areas (e.g. polar regions)
- user-oriented verification and estimation of forecast value
- methods for verification of probability and ensemble forecasts
- spatial verification methods and verification approaches
- software and measures used to evaluate operational predictions,
including verification methods used to justify upgrades to operational
- adaptation of established methods to different space and time scales,
for example subseasonal to seasonal and longer-term forecasts and

Please submit your contribution online by OCTOBER 31, 2017 at

Note that you have to register/login before you can start a new
journal section when submitting your paper.

We are looking forward to your contributions!